2019 Stats

The 2019 racing season proved to be as challenging as every racing season.    Beginning in January in Oklahoma, Brody Roa piloted a USAC Midget in the infamous Chill Bowl.  The following month Brody was hired to pilot a sprint car for a 2-day Las Vegas Motor Speedway show in which he won the main event.  The balance of the season took the team up and down the state of California, Arizona and Indiana.  Concluding the season, Brody garnered 4 main event wins, 18 top 5 positions, 22 top ten positions and was ranked 9th nationally for most prize money earned. 


But capping the season with the 2019 USAC Southwest Championship was a testament to this teams' hard work and diligence to their sport.  Their legion of loyal fans and supporters both locally and across the nation played an integral part in their success.

2020 Goals

Our race team and each member have always retained these goals:

  • Win races- we have

  • Win championships - we have

  • Respect competitors - we do

  • Exhibit family values & unity - always

  • Value fans & supporters - always

  • Support & represent our sponsors & product suppliers with professionalism & enthusiasm at all times - most definitely


Brody Roa utilized three different teams en route to the 2019 Sands Chevrolet Southwest Sprint Car title.  He managed wins in two of those rides at Canyon Speedway in April and September, and connected on 10 top-fives, 13 top-tens and one quick time in 18 starts for his 3rd career USAC Championship in three different divisions! 

2009 Western Focus Midget

2017 West Coast Sprint

2019 Southwest Sprint

Goals For Our Supporting Partners
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The goals implemented by BR Performance for our supporting partners are those of any successful collaboration:

  • Define the objectives for the team and supporting partners

  • Create realistic, attainable and time bound plans of action

  • Continuously review our performance

  • Adjust or make any changes necessary

  • Request feedback from supporting partners on performance, ROI, partnership valuation and customer engagement

  • Our team members will always represent our supporting partners with respect, an understanding of their company mission statement and vision for their products or services

BR Performance will work closely with all our supporting financial partners to provide the necessary time and effort to achieve company and business goals as well as to provide valuation for their support.

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