Who We Are


To start, we are The Champions!  The 2019 USAC Southwest Sprint Car Series Champions!  We competed in four different racing series during the  2019 season.  An intense schedule of racing and traveling always brings it's  challenges and requires extra fortitude, but the hard work and focus never withers and to those go the victories.

Along with the championship the BR Performance team garnered 4 main event wins and numerous top 5 finishes.  Trips to the mid-west for national competition proved invaluable by competing with the highest caliber drivers, learning from noted mechanics and staying abreast of the latest equipment innovations.

We thank our family, friends, fans and financial supporters without whose support we could not reach these goals and victories.

What We Do


It would be difficult to adequately describe in words the awesomeness of sprint car racing!  Open cockpit, tubed framed 1300 lb. race cars fitted with a brutally powerful 410 cubic inch, methanol fuel injected engine squeezing out 950 horsepower, enabling speeds in excess of 100mph on dirt ovals ALMOST describes them!

This hugely popular growing grass roots racing is experiencing a resurgence across the nation thanks to social media, live streaming and television coverage.  This is family entertainment that is affordable and a highly interactive sport for young and old.

The BR Performance team competes in the West, Southwest and Midwest.  We focus on competing in every schedule event for the USAC/CRA Sprint Car Series and incorporate other associations and national events to increase our knowledge and exposure.

Driver Bio


Brody Roa is currently one of the major competitors on the West Coast and in the Southwest.  Adding another series championship to his list of accomplishments, Brody remains a front runner in every series and event he participates in.  Driving his own #91r machine most of the season, Brody was also hired to pilot cars for other teams during the long race schedule.  Brody competed in the following sprint car series;  USAC/CRA Series, USAC Southwest Series, USAC West Coast Series, USAC National Series and  the USAC National Midget Series.  Brody is also an avid and accomplished cart racer,.   A huge fan favorite his list of racing accolades continues to grow.

  • 2009 USAC Focus Midget Champion

  • 2010 VRA Sprint Car Series "Rookie of the Year

  • 2012 USAC/CRA Sprint Car Series "Most Improved Driver"

  • 2015 Western World 360 Sprint Car Champion

  • 2016 USAC West Coast Sprint Car Series Champion

  • 2017 USAC National Sprint Cars Oval Nationals Main Event Winner

  • 2018 USAC/CRA Calfiornia Sprint Week Champion

  • 2019 USAC Southwest Sprint Car Series Champion

Team Bio


Success of any team or company is not attainable without the talented, dedicated and passionate qualities of it's pyramid,  The following team members give 110% to the ultimate goal of success.

  • Team Manager - Brett Roa

  • Team Crew Chief - Zac Bozanich

  • Shop Manager - Joe Gibb

  • Crew Manager - Tyler Stockton

  • Team Publicist - Soctt Daloisio​

Coming from a long line of family sprint car competitors, Brett Roa brings decades of experience as a driver himself and as an award winning crew chief and manager .  Zac Bozanich, young and extremely talented, recently garnered the USAC/CRA Sprint Car Series 2018 Chief Mechanic Of The Year award.  Both Joe Gibb and Tyler Stockton have grown up with the sport and are dedicated to the maintenance of the equipment both on and off the track.  Team Publicist Scott Daloisio is the one of the most respected sports announcer, publicist and photographer in the  sport of open wheel racing.