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Today's plethora of exciting new mediums for advertising are shaping marketing plans for products and services.  Integrated online, social and mobile marketing abounds, but a small untapped area called micro-influencing allows for lower cost and more down-to-earth marketing.  It's core purpose is to engage with customers publicly and create actual personal relationships.  The goal is to empower your customer as a brand ambassador.  As a brand ambassador you are asking your customer to share information about your product or services on their own social network.  ​

A working relationship with BR Performance and exposure within our sport will envelop your customers with that one-on-one personal experience as we represent and promote your company.  Together we will implement and execute a mission statement of values so important to today's socially aware consumers.  BR Performance thrives on organization, execution and  fierce competitiveness while maintaining respect for all our competitors and engaging our fans.  These are very similar core values in the business world.

BR Performance would like to help you strengthen your customer relationships, revive existing customers and creatively bring new customers to the forefront.

BR Performance is mindful and very careful to align ourselves and our abilities with companies who would most benefit from our sport, fans and exposure.  We will put in to motion your desired goals to increase your product or service awareness as well as creating a trusting relationship to bring added value to your business.

Today's young drivers like Brody Roa are poised and educated on the importance of being a goodwill ambassador to the sport of sprint car racing as well as to their financial supporters.  Extremely popular with fans across the nation, Brody can acquaint your company product or services to this vast new audience of loyal followers and paying prospects.


Brody Roa

Brett Roa

2020 Performance Racing Industry Trade Show

Indianapolis, Indiana

Current Climate Of Auto Racing

Auto racing is the #2 spectator sport in the nation, attracting over 75 million fans annually.  Attendance in NASCAR and Indy Cars has decreased for many reasons, however the local grassroots track attendance is on the upswing due to it's affordability for the fans.  A family of four can enjoy a full night of racing including food for a fraction of the cost of attending other sporting events such as NASCAR and many other major sports.

Our Sport Growth And Exposure

Local and national sprint car racing can attribute it's growth to many factors:​

  • Affordability for the competitors

  • More large scale events

  • Higher payouts

  • Affordability for the fans especially familys

  • More exposure from social media, cable TV, live streaming

  • The ability of the fan to interact with the competitors

BR Performance Exposure
  • Live Events

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Youtube

  • Radio

  • Cable/Live Streaming

  • Magazine/Print

  • Trade Shows

  • Merchandising

  • Community Events

  • Company Fan Nights

Our Invitation To Your Company

If you are not familiar with our sport it is imperative to experience sprint car racing in person, with all it's ground pounding sounds, flying mud and wheel to wheel action or you will never quite understand the addiction and fan loyalty.  So we cordially invite you to one of our local races to learn about the deep rooted history and popularity of our sport.  You will be able to interact with the awesome race fans, our personal fan base, organizers and management to determine how your company, service or product would relate to our sport and appeal to a sprint car enthusiast.