The success of your company product or service thrives on brand awareness.  The degree of customer recognition of your brand or service is key to promoting and increasing your bottom line.  Brand awareness is monumental in the consumer's purchasing decision making process.

Let us show you how our sport and our team can compliment your existing marketing plan by bringing that much needed brand awareness to highly specific audiences.  Together we can create new loyal brand ambassadors through our live events, live streaming and social media for a fraction of your normal marketing costs.


The BR Performance group is a compilation of  incredibly successful, competitive, experienced and professional participants in the sport of sprint car racing  We embody the organization, focus and dedication required for the success we have attained.

BR Performance has comprised an extremely large fan base during our tenure of racing.  We pride ourselves on our professionalism, preparedness, ethical principles as well as unwavering dedication to our sport, our supporters and fans.  We are a family oriented group that exemplifies all the qualities needed to represent a company's product or service in the highest regard. 


In order to bring brand awareness to a broader market a collaboration with BR Performance will offer a higher ROI for your marketing dollars by engaging your potential customers with one-on-one contact as well as a unique fan experience.  Through participation in our sport we will  offer the most value for your marketing dollar with emphasis on the following platforms:

  • Visual Product Placement

  • Live Promotional Events

  • Social Media Exposure

  • Company Fan Nights

  • Industry Trade Shows

  • Radio Shows/Print Media

  • Cable TV/Live Streaming